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Tum khata T-shirt hak thuah tam thei record siam


A hming chu Ted Hastings a ni a, Guinness World Record a siam. A record siam chu khawvelah tum khata T-shirt hak thuah hnem thei ber a ni a, tum khatah t-shirt 260 a hak thuah thei!

Hastings hian a fate William leh Avery te chu Guinness World Record bu a en pui a, chutah chuan record siam ve theih tur chi an nei em tih an en kual a, a fate chuan t-shirt hak thuah tam record siam turin an pa chu an cho phur ta a ni.

A t-shirt hak hi a size pawh a inlen hleih hlawm khawp mai, medium atanga 20X te a ni hem mai a, 20X chu a hak hnuhnun ber a ni. A t-shirt hak hi hak dan pangngai a hak vek a ngai a, a hak tawh hnu phelh theih a ni lo. T-shirt 260 a hak meuh chuan lian tha nelh nawlh tak a ni!

(THE AIZAWL POST – Phuah Pawlh)

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