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Unau kum belhkhawm upa ber


D’Cruz chhungkuaah chuan unau 12 an awm a, an unau kum belhkhawm chu Guinness World Record, unau damlai kum belhkhawm upa ber record an siam a, December ni 15, 2020 thlenga an an unau kum belhkhawm hi kum 1,042 leh ni 315 a ni.

Heng unau 12 zinga a upa ber hi kum 97 mi niin, a naupang ber chu kum 75 mi a ni ve thung a, December ni 15-a Guinness World Records-in record siam anga a chhinchhiah ni a an kum anga lak a ni.

D’Cruz unau 12 te leh an pianni te chu: Doreen (September 3, 1923), Patrick (September 30, 1925), Genevieve (July 4, 1927), Joyce (March 2, 1929), Ronnie (August 24, 1930), Beryl (August 26, 1932), Joe (June 1, 1934), Francesca (September 17, 1936), Althea (July 27, 1938), Teresa (June 9, 1940), Rosemarie (March 30, 1943), leh Eugenia (October 24, 1945) te an ni a, an vaiin an la dam vek a ni.
Heng unau 12-te hi nu leh pa thuhmun vek an ni a, Pakistan a piang vek an ni a, tunah chuan Canada, London, Switzerland leh US-ah te an awm darh tawh. An unau zinga naupang ber Genia Carter chuan ram hrang hrangah awm darh tawh mah se an unau chu an la inpawh tawn hle niin a sawi a, nitin chawhma dar 11:00 ah video call-in an inbe ziah niin a sawi.

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