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United chak zo lo


Nilai zan khan pathumna luah nghet a, champions league khel thei tura dinhmun tha taka ding thei Manchester United chuan Old Traf-ford-ah West Ham an mikhual a. An mualah an chak zawh loh vangin an dinhmun a chiang lova, inelna hautak tak an hmachhawn a zui a ngai dawn. United mualah point an hlawhchhuah vangin West Ham an him a, tlakhniam an pumpelh ve thung.

Old Trafford-a inkhel-ah hian United hian hnehna an chang a nih chuan pathumnaah inhla-ngkai in, Leicester City aiin point hnihin an sang thei dawn a, Liverpool laka tlawm Chelsea an kalsan thei dawn bawk. An mualah rin loh takin an talbuai ta tlat thung a, si an phurh hmasak zet hnuin Greenwood goal in an chhanhim tawk a ni.

West Ham tan hian Antonio chuan penalty atangin minute 45’+2-ah hmahruaina goal a thun. Beisei phak lo United hian Mason Greenwood chuan minute 56-naah an si phurh a sut. Greenwood hian season kal mekah United tan goal 17 zet a thun tling tawh a, English rawlthar chethga ber pawl a ni chho mek a, hnuhma tha tak a hnutchhiah chho zel a ni.

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