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Vaccine certificate-a PM thlalak chuang duh lotu chawitir


Kerala High Court chuan Covid-19 vaccine certificate-a Prime Minster Narendra Modi thlalak chuang paihbo ngiata writ petition thehluh chu hnawlin a thehluttu hnenah litigation cost Rs 1 lakh pe turin a ti zui bawk.

Petition hnawlin Justice Kunhikriahnan chuan, “Petition tenau lutuk puanhnuai thil keng tel niin political agenda a awm ngei ang” tiin a sawi.

Court chuan publicity-oriented ligitation a nih avangin heavy cost a hnawl ngai a ni a ti bawk a. Court chuan petitioner chu Prime Minister hnena zahna an lantir thin dan zir tura ti bawkin, parliamentary proceeding te en thin turin a ti bawk a. Opposition leader-te chuan sorkar policy-te na takin an duhl ohna an lantir thin ang. Mahse, Prime Minister chu ”Hon’ble Prime Minister” tiin an ko zel a ni, a ti bawk.

He petition hi Peter Mayaliparambil, Kottayama cheng State-level master coach of the Jawaharlal Nehru Leadership Institute of New Delhi inti a ni.

Parliament member thlan a nih hnuah Prime Minister thlan a ni a, ramin politic lam inmil lohna theihnghilhin Prime Minister zahna an lantir thin. Khua leh tui tute pawhin sorkar policy leh PM political view an sawisel thei tho. Chu chu kan tradition a ni a, a ni zel tur pawh a ni, tiin court chuan a sawi bawk.

“Bapuji-an a sawi angin, chak zawk chuan inthlanah a chak tih a hre tur a ni a, a chhan chu chak lo an awm a ni. Chak lo pawhin a chakloh pawmin a chak zawk a ni lo tih a pawm a ngai. Tichuan buaina a tawp a ni mai. Inzahtawn hi democracy-a bet tel tlat a ni a. Chu chu a awm lo a nih chuan democracy tan hun thim a ni mai” tiin court chuan a sawi bawk.

Court chuan petitioner an chawitir nachhan sawi fiahin case hrang hrang criminal, matrimonial leh property thubuaite ngaihtuah tur a awm teuh laia hetiang petition holam lutuk file-te hi chu sum chawitir nena hnawl tur a ni a ti bawk.

Court chuan petitioner chu kar ruk chhunga litigant genuine tak tak te puitu Kerala State Legal Services Authority (KELSA) hnenah Rs 1 lakh pe turin a ti a ni.

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