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Vairengte paltlanga lut zingah ni thum chhung hri kai hmu tawh lo


Tunhnai ni thum chhungin Vairengte screening point paltlanga lirtheia Mizorama lut zingah Rapid Antigen Test hmanga en Covid-19 kai hmuhchhuah thar an awm lo.

Tarlan tawh angin, Vairengte screening point-ah hian August 10 tlai atang khan sawrkarin Mizorama lut tur lirtheia chuangte Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) hmanga endik vek tawh turin a ti a. Hemi hnulama RAT hmanga endik zingah nitin (darkar 24 chhung) in Covid kai hmuhchhuah hi an awm reng a, August 25 tlai dar 5 atanga August 26 tlai dar 5 inkar, darkar 24 chhung khan a vawikhatna atan hri kai hmuhchhuah thar hi an awm lo a ni.

The Aizawl Post-in thu a dawn zui danin, a hnu August 26 tlai dar 5 atanga August 27 tlai dar 5 chhung pawhin hri kai hmuhchhuah thar hi an la awm lo cheu a, August 27 tlai dar 5 atanga August 28 tlai dar 5 inkarah pawh hmuh thar an la awm leh ta chuang lo. Hemi chhung hian RAT hmanga endik erawh nitin 300- 600 inkar vel an awm ziah thung.

August 26 tlai dar 5 atanga August 27 zing dar 5 inkar, darkar 12 chhungin Vairengte screening point paltlang mi 366 RAT hmanga endik an ni a, heng zinga 362 hi state pawn mi hnamdang an ni. Heng zingah hian hri kai hmuh thar an awm lo. August 27 zing dar 5 atanga August 28 tlai dar, darkar 12 chhungah bawk Vairengte paltlang hi 299
an awm leh a, heng zinga 295 hi state pawn mi an ni.

He darkar 24 chhunga mi 665 Vairengte screening point paltlang zingah hian RAT hmanga ennaah Covid-19 kai hmuh thar an awm lo a, heti hian ni thum (darkar 72) chhung chu he gate paltlang zingah hri kai hmuh an ta rih lo a ni.

Vairengte screeing point paltlangtu lirtheia chuangte RAT hmanga endik an nih hnu hian mi 9178
en tawh niin, heng zinga 8667 chu state pawn lam mi Mizorama lo lut, hnamdang an ni a; Mizoram mi 511 an awm. Endikte atang hian Covid kai tih hmuhchhuah 98 an awm a, heng zinga 96 hi state pawn lam mi, phalna neia luhtir te an ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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