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Vawiina GST Council Meeting neih turah inhnial nasat ring


Vawiina GST Council meeting neih turah inhialna nasa tak a awm rin niin BJP rorel lohna state te chu compensation chungchangah Centre nen inremna an la nei thei lo a ni.

Compensation chungchangah BJP emaw an thawhpui party te rorelna state 21 te chuan Centre ruahmanna pawmin tun sorkar kum kal meka GST revenue beisei phaklohna hnawhkhah tura Rs 97,000 crore ba tura Centre in State te a tihna chu opposition rorelna West Bengal, Punjab leh Kerala te chuan an la pawm ve thei lo a ni.

October 5 hian Council meeting 42-na a awm dawn a, opposition rorelna state te chuan Centre-in ba tura duhthlanna a pek chu duh lovin GST compensation deficit pek chung changah ruahmanna dang siam turin an ti thung a. State te hnena conpensation Union government in a pek chu constitution-in a phut a ni, an ti a ni.

Tun sorkar kum chhungin Goods and Services Tax (GST) revenue in beisei a phaklohna chu Rs 2.35 lakh crore laia tam a ni a.

Heta tang hian Centre chhut dan chuan Rs 97,000 crore chu GST implementation vangah ngaiin a dang zawng Rs 1.3 lakh crore chu Covid-19 in state revenue a khawih vangah a ngai a ni.

Centre chuan August thla khan State te chu duhthlan tur pahnih pein RBI atanga special window siama Rs 97,000 crore puk nge, market atanga Rs 2.35 lakh crore puk a ti a, hei bakah hian an puk an pek let theih nana awlsamna siamin luxury, demerit leh sin goods ah te compensation cess kum 2022 paih lam thlenga pawhsei sak a ti bawk a ni.

Non-BJP rorelna state te chu he mi chung changah hian Centre nen an inrem thei ngang rih lo va. West Bengal, Kerala, Delhi, Telangana, Chhattisgarh leh Tamil Nadu Chief Minister te chuan Centre hnenah ngenna siamin a ruahmanna an duhloh thu an thlen a ni.

State te chuan Centre chu GST revenue indaihlohna chu puk zawk mai tura tiin Centre chuan GST compensation cess atanga sum hmuh te chu State a lut zawk a ni tia chhang thungin Centre chuan a neitu nih lohna tax security ah a puk ngawt thei lo a ti thung.

GST ruangam ang chuan tax te chu 5, 12, 18 leh 28% in lak a ni a. Tax lak san ber chungah hian cess chu luxury, sin leh demerit goods ah lak niin heta sum hmuh te hi revenue hloh state te compensate nan hman thin a ni.

Attorney Generalof India K.K. Venugopal chuan dan mita thlir chuan compnesation cess chung changah revenue hloh a awm in Centre in compensation a pek a ngaihna a awm lo a ti bawk a. GST Council chuan GST kalpui chunghanga revenue shortfall hnawhkhahna tur kawng a ngaihtuah a ngai a ti a ni.

GST compensation pek chungchang buaina hi August 2019 atanga cess a tlakhniam tak atanga intan niin Centre chuan cess chuangliam kum 2017-18 leh 2018-19 a lakkhawm te chu a hman a ngaih phah a.

Kum2019-20 ah Centre chuan GST compensation ah Rs 1.65 lakh crore a pe chhuak a, mahse, kum 2019-20 a cess a lakkhawm hlut lam chu Rs 85,444 crore daiha ni thung. Kum 2018-19 khan compensation a pekchhuah chu Rs 69,275 crore a ni a, kum 2017-18 ah Rs 41,146 crore a ni thung. April-Kuly tun sorkar kum chhungin state te hnena compensation a pek tur zah chu Rs 1.51 lakh crore a ni.

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