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VC inthlana party-te seat lak dan


State Election Commission Mizoram-in district 9-a village council inthlanpui a buatsaihah VC 550 awmah Mizo National Front party chuan VC 324-h sawrkarna a siam thei nghal.

Aizawl, Lunglei, Serchhip, Champhai, Mamit, Kolasib, Saitual, Khawzawl leh Hnahthial-ah te hian a vaiin VC 558 a awm a, heng zinga 8-ah hian hrileng kaihhnawihah inthlan hun sawn a ni a; a bak VC 550-a inthlan kalpui turah hian VC 12-ah chuhtu awm loin MNF party-in sawrkarna a chang nghal thei a, inthlan buatsaihna tak hi chu VC 538 a ni. A vaiin hengah te hian seat 2418 a awm.

Hrileng kaihhnawiha SEC-in inthlan hun a sawn sak VC 8 chu – Darlawn Chhim Veng, Darlawn Venghlun, Darlawn Vengpui, Sawleng, Melriat, Hualngohmun, Kelsih leh Muallungthu a ni.

SEC chuan heng khuate dinhmun thlir chung leh Health & Family Welfare Department rawn chungin inthlan hun tur ruahmanna thar a siam leh dawn a ni.

August 27-a inthlannaah hian VC bikah voters 445336 awm atangin vote thlaktu 337674 an ni a, mipa voters awm zat 220306 atangin vote thlak 167708 an awm a; hmeichhe voters 225030 awm atangin tun tuma vote thlaktu hi 169966 an ni. Heti hian tun tum VC inthlana vote tla chu za zelah 75.82 a ni a, 2015 VC inthlanpui (67.42%) aiin a tha zawk a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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