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VC leh LC 31-ah tluang takin vote thlak


Aizawl, September 5 :  September ni 4 khan Village Council (VC) pariat leh Local Council (LC) 23-ah tluang taka vote thlak a ni a, thil duhawm lo leh harsatna lian tham a awm lo nia hriat a ni.

August ni 27-a Mizorama VC leh LC atana vote thlak a nih khan Covid-19 hrileng vangin VC pariat leh LC 23-te inthlan hun hi State Election Commission (SEC) chuan a sawn a, Zirtawpni khan an inthlang ve leh a ni.

SEC-in zan tir lam thlenga report an dawn danin, VC-ah voter 77.91% te’n vote an thlak a, LC-ah voter 44.43% te’n vote an thlak. LC-ah hian veng pali, Khatla, Khatla South, Mission Vengthlang leh Bungkawn tea vote tla zat a tel rih lo.

VC pariatah hian voter 7328 an awm a, an zinga 5709, mipa 2767 leh hmeichhia 2942 te’n vote an thlak a ni. Vote tlak thatna ber Muallungthu-ah chuan voter 90.76% te’n vote an thlak a, vote tlak tlem berna Darlawn Venghlun-ah chuan voter 67.67% te’n vote an thlak.

LC-ah hian Lawipu-ah vote a tla tha ber a, voter 78.97% te’n vote an thlak. Vote tlak chhiat berna Mission Vengthlang-ah chuan voter 59.73% te’n vote an thlak a.

Vote tla zat hi a danglam thei a, LC-ah phei chuan veng palia vote tla zat a tel hunah a danglam ang, SEC lam chuan an ti.

Vote thlak ni hian thil duhawm lo lian tham a thlen an hriat loh thu an sawi a, complain pawh a awm rih lo tih an sawi bawk. Hetih lai hian Ramhlun South Local Council erawh inthlang thei lovin an la awm a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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