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Vintage car kawl theih turin ruahmanna siam


A tum khat nan India chuan vintage car chungchangah dan a nei dawn ta a. Law Ministry chuan Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989 siamthat remtiin Ministry of Road Transport and Highway chuan a tichhuak vat tura ngaih a ni.

Dan thar ang chuan two-wheeler leh four wheeler vehicle te siam danglam nasat loh te chu registration tih atanga kum 50 hnuah Vintage Motor Vehicles anga chhiar a ni dawn a ni.

Vehicle chuan a registration number te chu a chhawm remtih a ni bawk a. Mahse, classic zingah pawh a thara registration tih leh ram dang atanga lakluh te chu registration number ‘VA’ pek bik an ni dawn a ni.

Vintage vehicle te hi kawngpuiah nitin lekkawh bera tlantir phal a ni dawn lo va, sumdawnna thilah pawh hman remtih a ni dawn lo thung a, exhibition anga phochhuah atan chauha kawl remtih a ni thung ang.

Registration ti thar tan Rs 20,000 pek ngai dawnin a hnua tihnun leh zel nan chuan Rs 5,000 a ngai zel thung dawn a ni.

Heng vehicle hlui te hi chu sorkarin tihmakmawh a tih High Security Registration Plate te an neih ve kher a ngai dawn lo bawk a. Heng vehicle te hi lei leh hralh phal a ni bawk.

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