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Virtual Platform hmangin Tourism Day hmang


September ni 27 khan World Tourism Day a ni a, Mizoramah pawh North Eastern Council (NEC) huaihawtin virtual platform hmangin he ni hi hman a ni.

Toursim minister Robert Romawia Royte-in thuchah a sawi a, tourism chu khawpuiah chauh ni lovin thingtlangah pawh eizawnna tling a nih theih dan a sawi a, a pawimawh em avangin tourism sector chu hlamchhiah theih a ni lo tiin, Mizoram pawhin heti lama hmasawnna turin a thawk mek tih a sawi.
Mizoram chu tun hnaiah state hlim berah puan a nih thu a sawi a, hei hi lawmawm a tih thu leh Mizoram tan inphochhuah theihna tur a nih thu a sawi.

Chawlhni a nih avangin he ni hi Mizoram sorkar buatsaiha hman a ni lo a, NEC buatsaih virtual fest-ah state dangte ang bawkin tourism lama hmalakna te pholan a ni.

NEC buatsaih Tourism Day-ah hian union home minister Amit Shah chu khuallian a ni a, DoNER minister Dr Jitendra Singh chu khualzahawm a ni. Hmarchhak state hrang hrang chief minister-te leh tourism minister-te an tel.

World Tourism Day hi September ni 30 thlenga hman tur a ni a, ni 29 hian Mizoram chu ‘focus state’ tur niin, khuallian tur pawh Mizoram chief minister Zoramthanga a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

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