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Voluntary Blood Donation Day hmang


October 1 hi National Voluntary Blood Donation Day a ni a. Hemi pual hian Lunglei leh Lawngtlaiah hun hman a ni.

Association for Voluntary Blood Donation (AVBD) Lunglei leh MSACS tangdun buatsaihin Voluntary Blood Donation Day hi Lungleiah district bawrhsap V.Lalsangliana hoin an hmang a. Kumin he Day thupui hi “Let’s donate blood voluntarily and contribute to the fight against Corona” a ni.

Civil Hospital Lunglei Blood Bank hotute sawi danin, 2019 January – December chhung khan thisen unit 2597 an dawng a, unit 2303 (88.67%) chu a thlawna pek (voluntary donation) a ni. Kumin January – August chhungin unit 1604 lut tawhin unit 1510 (94.13%) voluntary a ni. Lungleiah hian Civil Hospital leh Christian Hospital Serkawn-ah blood bank a awm a ni.

Lawngtlaiah pawh Blood Bank Lawngtlai District leh AVBD Lawngtlai huaihawtin Voluntary Blood Donation Day hi hman a ni a. Blood Bank hotute sawi danin, kumin January – September inkar khan thisen unit 923 dawng tawhin, heng zinga unit 779 chu a thlawna pek a ni. Unit 144 chu thlakthleng (replacement) a ni thung. Hemi hun chhung hian thisen pek runpui (blood donation camp) tum 28 buatsaih niin, heng atang hian thisen unit 720 lak a ni.

2019 October 1 leh 2020 October 1 inkara Lawngtlai-a thisen pe tam mi pathum – Elvis Lalthangzuala, Council Veng; Ramdinsanga, Vengpui-II leh Lalhlimpuia Hnialum, Council Veng te hnenah chawimawina thuziak hlan a ni a. He ni pual hian TKP College Veng Unit chuan thisen pe nghalin, unit 15 an pe.

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