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Vote hmuh tur zat chhut dik thlap thlap



Mizoram hmar lam, Manipur hnaih lama khaw pakhat North Khawdungsei-ah chuan tum dang ang bawkin kumin VC inthlanah party te’n vote an hmuh tur zat an chhut dik leh deuh thlap.

Seat thum awmna N Khawdungsei-ah hian candidate paruk an awm a, MNF leh Congress party-in candidate an nei. Party thuhmun candidate-te vote hmuh zat a inang deuh thlap zel a, chutiang zat an hmuh tur thu pawh an chhut lawk thei tih thu dawn a ni.

MNF candidate pahnihin vote 66 ve ve an hmu a, independent ticket-a ding, MNF thlawpin vote 66 chiah a hmu ve bawk. MNF lamin vote 66 theuh an hmu tihna a ni. Congress candidate pahnihin vote 48 ve ve an hmu a, Congress candidate dang pakhatin vote 47 a hmu. Hei hi vote thi a awm vang a ni, an ti.

Thu dawn danin, nimin tlaia candidate-te vote hmuh tur zat an chhutnaa MNF candidate-te vote hmuh tur an tih aiin an vote hmuh hi vote liin a tam a, hei hi Ningani tuka MNF-a lutte vote neih zat chiah a ni tih thu dawn a ni.

MNF hi HPC-in candidate hran nei lovin an thlawp a, MNF-in independent ticket-a ding pakhat an thlawp ve thung.

N Khawdungsei hi in 50 vel an ni a, voter hi 150 chuang an awm. Hrileng vanga inkharkhip mek an ni a, an khaw mi Aizawla awmte rawn haw lo se an tih avangin vote hi a tla tam ta lo deuh nia ngaih a ni.

Tun hma atangin, inthlan dangah pawh candidate te’n vote an hmuh tur zat hi he khuaah hian an chhut dik thlap zel a, mi an inhre chiang hle.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Tualchhung)

The Aizawk Post

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