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WhatsApp India-in sawifiahna siam nawn


Bollywood actors te WhatsApp chat putru sawi fo hnuah instant messaging application te chuan an messages te chu end-to-end encrypted a nih thu sawiin a thawntu leh a dawngtute chauhin an hmuh theih a nih thu an sawi.

“WhatsApp in an message te hi end-to-end encryption hmangin a humhim tlat a, nang leh i biaka te chauhin an hmuh theih a ni a, midang tumahin an hmu thei lo, WhatsApp pawhin a hmu thei lo” tiin WhatsApp thupuangtu chuan a sawi.

WhatsApp chu phone number hmanga sign up theih chauh a nih thu sawiin WhatsApp chuan message content engmah hriat theihna a nei lo a ti bawk a.

“WhastApp hian operating system manufacturer tena on-device storage an siam a zawm mai a, operating system in security a pek te zawm vek turin mipuite kan ngen a, chu mi tur chuan password khauh tak emaw biometric ID te emaw third party tena in device an pawh theih loh nana hmang turin kan ngen che u a ni,” tiin company thupuangtu chuan a sawi bawk.

Tun hnaiah Bollywood actors te inbiakna putru WhatsApp chat te chu mipui nawlpui hmuh theihin pholan fo a ni a.

Hei hi Bollywood actor Sushan Singh thihna chhuina kal zelin a hrin a ni ber a, chu chuan thil dang dang damdawi hman sual chungchangte thlengin a kangkai ta zel a ni. Tun hnaiah Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) te chuan actors Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan, Shraddha Kapoor leh Rakul Preet Singh te chu Bollywood drug nexus kaihhnawiah thu zawt fiahin an ko va, hei hi WhatsApp a inbiakna mipui nawlpui hriata thehdarhin a hrin chhuah a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Ramchhung)

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