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World Cadet wrestling title latu Aman Gulia


India thatna kum-hlun wrestling-ah Thawhlehni khan international gold medal a hmin leh a, Budapest khawpuia World Cadet Cham-pionship 48kg final-ah India wretsler Aman Gulia chuan 5-2-a United States wrestler Luke Joseph Lilledahl hnehin world champion thar nihna a chang.

Aman hian title a hlawhchhuahna kawngah point thum chiah a hloh a, hneh taka 48kg category thunnun chungin title a sualchhuak.

Indian wrestler laka tlawm ta American kha a sang zawk a, a ban pawh a sei zawk a, mahse, thiamna lamah Aman a duai lo a, game a chhut dik a, an inbeih chhung zawng hun pumin attacking a vawngnung a, phu takin world champion nihna a chang.

80kg huangah Sagar Jaglan pawhin gold medal a awrh a; Vaibhav Patil erawh 55kg huang bronze medal play-off match-ah 5-7-in Azerbaijan player Javid Javadov lakah a tlawm.

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