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Yamaha FZ-S FI Vintage Edition


India Yamaha chuan an 150 cc motorcycle hralh kal ta mai Yamaha FZ-S FI chu a model thar FZ-S FI Vintage Edition an tlangzarh a, Delhi showroom-ah Rs 1,09,700 man a ni. He motorcycle thar hian Yamaha Motorcycle Connect X application neiin, Bluetooth Connectivoty a support a, a khalhtu tana thil tangkai tak tak riding history, bike location, e-lock, hazard light leh parking record te pawh a awlsam takin a en zung zung theih dawn a ni.

Bluetooth Connectivity a neih thar bakah a body graphics pawh an tithar a, a mechanical erawh tihdanglam a awm lo va, 149 cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine neiin, 12.2bhp @ 7250 rpm leh 13.6 Nm torque @ 5,500 rpm pechhuak thei a ni a, 5-speed gearbix neiin, a kerb weight chu kg 137 a ni.

He motorcycle thar tlangzarhnaa thusawiin, Yamaha Motor India Group of Companies chairman Motofumi Shitara chuan, “India-a kan customer-te tan motorcycle khalh nuam zawk chhawp chhuah hi kan tum a ni. Tunah kan FZS-FI Vintage Edition kan tlangzarh leh ta a, smart feature heng Bluetooth connectivity te pawh nei a ni. Biking lama tui tuite tan thil phurawm tak tak chhawp chhuah zel hi kan tumk a, kan motorcycle line te kan tichangtlung zel dawn a ni,” a ti.

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