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Zoonotic Disease vangin khawvel la buai zel thei


Zoonotic diseases- ransa atanga mihringa inkaichhawn theih te chu wildlife leh environment humhalh loha tihchereu zel chuan a nasa tial tial dawn niin UN mithiamte chuan an sawi.

Covid-19 ang natna hluar zel te chu ramsa duhna, lo neih dan tha lo leh climate change tena an thlen niin an ngai a.

Zoonotic disease ngaihthah zui zel chuan kum khatah mihring nunna maktaduai hnih chuang a suat thei niin an ngai bawk a.

Covid-19 avanga khawvel economy in kum hnih chhung vel a tawrhna tu chu $ 9 trillion lai ni tura chhut a ni bawk. Read More>>

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