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Zualbawihi official gospel music video hmasa ber tur ‘Halleluiah Amen’


Lengzem leh lenglawng sa a kan hriatlar, tunlai Mizo hmeichhe zaithiam zinga hriat hlawh ber pawl Zualbawihi chuan gospel music video ‘Halleluiah Amen’ tih hla chu October ni 6 hian a tichhuak dawn a, a official gospel music video hmasa tur a ni.

Zualbawihi chuan a music video thar hi a pa Lalrozama Ralte pianchampha puala a tihchhuah tur niin a sawi a, a hla pawh hi a pa phuah hi a ni nghe nghe a, a thluk erawh Lalrinawma siam a ni ve thung. He music video hi Zualbawihi hian a YouTube channel-ah pawh a dah lut nghal dawn a ni.

Zualbawihi hian gospel hla a sak thenkhat video te pawh a YouTube channel-ah hian a dah tho a, mahse, tun hi gospel hlaah chuan pangngai deuh taka music video a siam hmasak ber a ni.

Zualbawihi hian YouTube lamah pawh tan a la thar ve leh a, Mapuii Fanai leh John Mawitea te hla pahnih buaipui mek a nei a, hei bakah hian Filipino hla pakhat a buaipui mek bawk a, heng hla thar te pawh hi a peih fel veleh YouTube-ah a dah lut ve leh nghal dawn a ni.

(THE AIZAWL POST – Thalaite Huang)

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