15th All India Police Badminton Championship

February ni 20-26, 2023 chhunga khelh 15th All India Police Bad-minton Championship-ah Mizoram Police Badmin-ton team chuan gold medal pali, silver pali leh bronze pali bawk nen a vaiin medal 12 an hlawhchhuak.
Team Championship-a silver medal latute chu HC (Opr) Lalmuan-awma, HC (Opr) Samuel Lalnunmawia, Const. Lalawmpuia leh Const. Johny Lalhlimpuia.
GO Mens Doubles-ah C.Lalruatkima, MPS & Lalzahawma, DDA inkawp chuan gold medal thawkchhuakin, 50+ Open Doubles-ah pawh ASI (Ftr) Lalthanzuala leh Hav. R. Lalmuan-kimate’n goal an awrh a; he category-ah vek hian Zosangliana, MPS leh SI K. Lalhmachhuana tang-dun chuan silver medal an hlap chhuak.
50+ Men Singles huangah ASI (Ftr) Lal-thanzuala’n gold medal dawngin, GO 50 Mens Doubles-ah C. Lalzah-ngova, MPS leh Zo-sangliana, MPS thawk-dun chuan gold an awrh a; he huangah bawk hian Ruatsanga Ralte, MPS leh K. Laltluang-liana, MPS inkawp chuan silver medal an dawng ve thung.
45+ Men Singles huang inelnaah SI K. Lalhmachhuana’n silver medal a hlawh-chhuak a; Mens Open Doubles-ah HC (Opr) Lalmuan-awma leh HC (Opr) Samuel Lalnun-mawia tangdun chuan bronze medal hawnin, GO 45 Mens Doubles-ah K. Laltluangliana, MPS leh Zosangliana, MPS pawhin bronze medal bawk an awrh.
GO 45+ Mens Dou-bles-ah C. Lalzahngova, MPS leh Ruatsanga Ralte, MPS tangdun kutah bronze medal lut bawkin, GO Open Sing-les-ah C.Lalruatkima, MPS chuan bronze a sualchhuak ve bawk.

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