2000 Bank Note pe chhuak tawh dawn lo

Reserve Bank of India chuan May 19 khan Rs 2,000 note chu pekchhuah tawh loh turin thutlukna siam a. Mahse, Rs 2,000 note te hi legal tender a la ni reng thung ang.
RBI chuan mipuite chuan Rs 2000 banknote te chu an bank account-ah an dahluh thei ang a, bank branch tinah banknote dangin an thleng thei bawk ang a ti a. Bank a deposit hian tihdan thin pangngaia tih mai tur a ni a, engmah rokhawlhna siam a ni lovang.
|um khatah Rs 2000 note te hi thleng duh chuan Rs 20,000 chin thleng theih a ni ang a, May 23, 2023 atangin thleng tan theih a ni ang a, September 30 thlenga kalpui tur a ni tiin central bank chuan a sawi bawk. RBI chuan bank tin te chu Rs 2000 denomination banknote te chu pechhuak tawh lo turin a hriattir zui nghal a ni.

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