Air India-in hmeichhe pilot ngah

Air India chuan an pilot 1,835 zinga 15% lai chu hmeichhia an nih thu sawiin airline zinga hmeichhe pilot ngah ber an ni.
International Women’s Day pualin Tata Group te, Air India mai bakah India Express leh AirAsia India neitute chuan hmeichhe hlang crew flight awmna 90 mai bakah international leh domestic route-ah pawh hmeichhe hlang awmna aircraft te chu March 1 atang khan an thlawhtir thin tawh thu an sawi bawk a.
“Flight 90 chuangah cockpit leh cabin crew member hmeichhia hlirin an enkawl kan thlawhtir a. Air India chuan flight 40 domestic leh international bakah AI Express in international flight 10 chuang leh AiAsia India in India ramah flight 40 chuang hmeichhia te hlir enkawl kan thlawhtir a ni,” tiin an tarlang.
Air India te chuan an hnathawk 40% te chu hmeichhia an nih thu sawiin pilot 1,825 a neihah 275 chu hmeichhia niin chu chu 15% lai an tlinphak thu leh hmeichhe pilot ngah ber zingah an tel thu an sawi bawk.
Air India CEO leh Managing Director Campbell Wilson chuan India chu khawvela commercial pilot hmeichhia ngah ber ram zingah a tel thu a sawi a.
“Indian hmeichhia ten aviation lamah career an zauh zel a, mipa leh hmeichhia intluktlanna a nasa zel a. Air India-in hmeichhia hnathawk kan nei hi kan inchhuang a, hmeichhiate hi khawi field-ah pawh an tha em em vek a ni,” tiin a sawi bawk.

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