Aizawl Day Band Contest

AMC buatsaih Aizawl Day 133-na pualin AR Lammual-ah Band Contest buatsaih a ni dawn a, he contest-a tel tur te chuan an live demo February ni 11 hmain theh luh vek tur a ni. Hetihrual hian band lar tawh sa tan erawh a tel theih dawn loh a, hriatchian duh nei tan phone number 96150 24210 leh 8787864679-ah te zawh chian theih a ni.

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Aizawl Day Band Contest-ah hian band tel tur ten hla pathum an neih a ngai a, chung zinga pakhat chu demo (live video cover) siamin February ni 11 hmain phone number 9862519779-ah WhatsaApp emaw Telegram emaw-in theh luh tur a ni. Band member te chu Aizawl Municipal Corporation (AMC) huam chhunga mi, electoral roll-a awm ngei an ni tur a ni a, kum tling lo an nih chuan Local Council hriatpuina lehkha neih a ngai thung.

Aizawl Day Band Contest-ah hian pakhatnain lawmman Rs 1,00,000 an dawng dawn a, pahnihnain Rs 70,000 leh pathumnain Rs 50,000 an dawng ang a, top 5 a lang band dang pahnih tan consolation prize Rs 10,000 ve ve pek an ni bawk ang. Contest-ah hian best drummer, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, leh leyboardist te thlan an ni bawk ang.

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