Alvarez a chak leh ta

Alvarez a chak leh ta
Pathianni zing khan Guadalajara-ah Boxing bout ngaihven hlawh tak a awm a. Super-middleweight huanga roreltu Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez
chuan harsatna lian tawk lovin a khingpui John Ryder a hneh a, a lal ram a tihzua belh.
Inhnek entu mi 50,000 pungkhawm hmaah tualchhung tlangval Alvarez hi mit la takin a inlan a, round tawp ber thlengin chak phu zawk a ni tluang. Alvarez hian round nganaah a khingpui hi a hnek tlu a, knockout in a chak hman teuh hle. Tlu mahse London boxer Ryder a thochhuak leh
a, huaisen takin a khingpui a bei let. Fak phuin a khingpui bei let bawk mahse Ryder hian champion kawnghren erawh a hlawhchhuak zo ta chuang lo.
Inhnek hmuhnawm takah hian endiktu pathum zinga pahnihte chuan point 118-109 in Alvarez an chaktir a. Endiktu pakhat chuan point 120-107 in a chaktir ve thung. Endiktu pathum ten chak zawka an puan vek, weight then hran palia champion Alvarez hian phu takin a kawnghren kawllai a humhim leh ta a. Inhnek vawi 63 zet a hmachhawn tawhah vawi 59 a chak, vawi hnih tlawm zawkah tangin, vawi hnih dang chu a khingpui nen an inhnehtawk thung. Hetih lai hian inhnek vawi 38 hmachhawn a, vawi ruk tlawm tawh Ryder erawh chu kawnghren chuha inhnek vawi hnihah a tlawm ta thung.

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