April atangin fortified rice

Kumin April atangin Mizoram sawrkar chuan state puma ration-ah taksa tana tha tura a bika siam ‘fortified rice’ a semchhuak tawh dawn tih Supply minister K Lalrinliana chuan a sawi.

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Assembly Session-a zawhna chhangin FCS&CA minister chuan, fortified rice hi taksa tichak tura taksa mamawh – iron, folic acid leh vitamin D12 chawhpawlah buhfai siam, public distribution system hnuaia semchhuah tur a ni a. 2022 June atang khan aspirational district – Mamit district-ah chuan sem a ni tawh a, kumin April atangin Mizoram pumah ration buhfai atan sem a ni dawn tih a sawi.

“Hriselna atan, mi harsa leh rethei zawkte pawhin ei chhe lutuk loa kan awm theihna atana sawrkar laipui ruahman a ni,” a ti.

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