ASTRO member Moonbin a thi

ASTRO member Moonbin a thi
K-pop group ASTRO member Moonbin, kum 25, chu April ni 19 khan a thi tih an agency Fantagio chuan a Twitter-ah a puang a, “April ni 19 kan ASTRO member Moonbin chuan van lama ên chhunzawm turin min kalsan thut mai. A chhungte tawrhna chu keini tawrhna hi chuan a pha lo ang, mahse, ASTRO member, Fantagio artist-te, company executive te leh thawktu dang zawng zawng te he thihna hian min barakhaihin, kan tuar tak zet a ni,” an ti a, agency lam chuan Moonbin thihna chungchanga thulengvak chi hrang hrang lakah awih tur leh awih loh tur chin thliar thiam turim mipui an ngen nghal bawk a ni.

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