Bamboo hub-ah Mizoram siam theih Mau ton maktaduai 25 a nei – CM

Mizoram chuan mau ton maktaduai 25 a nei a, mau hmanga sumdawnna hmunpui dinin ‘Bamboo Hub’ a siam theih a ni tih chief minister Zoramthanga chuan a sawi.
G-20 hnuaia B-20 meeting Aizawl-in a thlennaah thu sawiin chief minister chuan mau vangin Mizoramin hriat a hlawh a, India rama ‘Bamboo Hub’ ah siam theih a ni a, mau pawh ton maktaduai 25 vel a neih avangin a kaihhnawih sumdawnna lamah ramchhung leh rampawn mi tan kawng a inhawng zau tih a sawi.
Kaladan Multi Modal Project chu Asia chhimchhakte nena insumdawn tawnna turin kalkawng pawimawh tak a ni dawn tiin, africulture, horticulture leh ramngaw behchhan leilung hausakna haichhuah lamah Mizoram a hausa hle tih a sawi a. He intawhkhawmin a bitum bik – urban planning, infrastructure, mamboo, startups, skill development leh nursing & paramedics chu theihna an neih thatna a ni tih a sawi bawk.
Kawngpui pangngai bakah rel leh thlawhna lama inkalpawhna tihchangtlun zel a ni tih Zoramthanga hian sawiin, heng zawng zawng hian Mizoram chu insumdawn tawnna hmunpuiah a siam thei a, tuna intawhkhawm hian state leh ram tan pawh hlawkna a thlen ngei a beisei tih a sawi a ni.

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