Bawlhlawh thianfaiin hnatlang

Bawlhlawh thianfaiin hnatlang
Youth for Environment Justice Mizoram (YEJM) huaihawtin Zirtawpni khan World Bank Road kawng, Chite lui leh ITI Veng inkara bawlhlawh paih thianfaiin hnatlang neih a ni a, bawlhhlawh truck trip 20 chuang an chharkhawm.
YEJM hruaitute chuan Mizote kan changkang ve hle tawh emaw tih laiin, bawlhlawh kan paih danah erawh kan la changkang lo hle tih sawiin, heng bawlhlawh paihte hian lui lian zawk a fin avangin kan tui tlanah harsantna nasa tak min thlen tih an sawi a ni.
Hnatlangah hian sawrkar department/ corporation hrang hrang – AMC, UD&PA, PHE, MPCB leh EF&CC ten an thawhpui.

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