Bawrhsap office kan chhan chhui zo

GAD changtu, chief minister Zoramthanga’n 2021 December ni 17-a kang, Aizawl bawrhsap office kan chhan chhui zawh tawh a nih thu a sawi a, thil kang chhe zat hriat theih a nih loh thu a sawi bawk.
Budget Session liam taah khan Thorang bialtu Zodintluanga Ralte zawhna chhangin chief minister chuan, “Sorkarin enquiry ti tura a tih angin enquiry report hi lak a ni a, report hi peih fel a ni tawh a ni,” a ti.
Fire & Emergency Services duty te an che tlai nia sawi a awm thu leh action lak a ni em tih zawhna chhangin, information an dawn hun atangin an che chhuak tlai lo tih a sawi a, chuvangin fire service duty te lakah action lak a ni lo tih a sawi.

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