Birth leh death certificate sawiho

Birth leh death certificate sawiho
District Level Coordination Committee on Civil Registration System of Births & Deaths Mamit District chu Nilaini khan an chairman, district bawrhsap VL Remliana hoin an thukhawm.
India khua leh tui dik takte chauhin Birth certificate kan neih theihna’n department hrang hrangte thawhhona a pawimawh tih a sawi a. Birth certificate kan ngaihpawimawh theihna’n school admission-ah te pawh demand zel nise tha a tih thu a sawi.
Thutkhawmah hian damdawi ina nau neiten damdawi in an awm chhungin an fate hming phuah hman lo an awm thin chuan birth certificate pekchhuahna lamah harsatna a thlen thin thu sawi a ni a. Damdawi ina an awm chhung ngeiin naute hming phuah hram thei se, a nih loh pawhin chhuizui leh awlsamna’n damdawi ina Deaths & Births registrar leh thawktuten naute nu leh pa hming leh address bakah an phone number chiang takin chhinchhiah nise tih a ni.
District research officer-te pawhin khawtina an registrar of Births & Deaths te hmang tangkai a, naupiang hming la nei lo-te birth certificate pekchhuah theih an nih loh avangin hemi chungchanga harsatna awm thin sutkian dan zawn nise tih a ni.
Digitized Births & Deaths Certificate chungchang sawiho niin, a duh apiang tan Rs. 220 chawiin DRO office-ah a tih theih a. Digitized births certificate hi phailama inkhelmite leh zirna avanga phaia kal thinte tan a tul thin avangin district mipuiin ti theuh turin Committee chuan mipui a ngen.

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