Box office-ah ‘Ant-Man 3’ a la No.1

‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’ chuan tun weekend kalta khan North America-ah cinema hall ticket hralhna atangin dollar maktaduai 32.2 a lalut a, box office No.1 a ni.
Ant-Man 3 hian opening weekend-ah dollar maktaduai 120.4 lalutin, kar hmasa khan box office No.1-ah a lo debut tawh a, a weekend hnihnaah erawh a tlahniam ta hle a, mahse, No.1 a la ni pha tho. US pawn lamah pawh Ant-Man 3 hian dollar maktaduai 46.4 a lalut a, tihian ni 10 chhungin US-ah dollar maktaduai 167.3 lalut tawhin, US pawnah dollar maktaduai 196.3 a lalut tawh bawk a, a vaiin dollar maktaduai 363.6 a lalut tawh.
Elizabeth Banks film siam ‘Cocaine Bear’-in dollar maktaduai 23.1 lalutin No.2 a ni a, US pawnah dollar maktaduai 5.3 lalut bawkin, a vaiin dollar maktaduai 28.4 a lalut nghal. He film hi dollar maktaduai 35 senga siam a ni. Cocaine Bear hi khaw lian lo tak a thil thleng anga tarlan a ni a, drug smuggling kal fuh lo, savawm lian mangkhengin an cocaine fun lian a lo ei palh a, savawm rui chu a sapatal ka chiam mai a ni.
Kristian movie ‘Jesus Revolution’ chu beisei aiin a che tha a, dollar maktaduai 15.5 lalutin, No.3 a ni. He film hi 1970s anga chan a ni a, a taka thil thleng, America ruamtu revivalist Christian movement behchhan a ni.

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