Box office-ah ‘Godzilla x Kong: New Empire’ a No.1

Box office-ah ‘Godzilla x Kong: New Empire’ a No.1
Easter weekend box office-ah beisei aia che tha ‘Godzilla x Kong: New Empire’ a No.1 a, opening weekend-ah US-ah dollar maktaduai 80 a lalut thei. He film hi dollar makraduai 45 atanga 55 vel lalut thei tura chhut lawk a ni a, beisei aiin a che tha ta hle a, Easter opening-a sum lalut tam pangana a ni pha a, a franchise-a film pangana a ni tawh bawk a, chuti chunga opening weekend-a hetiang zat a lalut nghal thei hi a chetha thawkhat viau a ni.
US pawn lamah pawh a che tha viau a, dollar maktaduai 114 lalutin, a vaiin tun weekend kaltaa a lakluh chu dollar maktaduai 194 a tling nghal a, US pawnlamah China chu a chetthatna niin, dollar maktaduai 44 a lalut thei a ni. Critics lamin Godzilla x Kong hi an dah sang vak lo a, mahse, a entu mipui nen an ngaihdan a inpersan deuh a ni ang. He film hi mipa lamin an en nasa zawk a, ticket leitu 67% chu mipa an ni a, 62% chu kum 35 hnuailam an ni bawk.
He film hi Adam Wingard direct niin, Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry leh Dan Stevens te channa a ni a, a film hmasa lamah chuan Godzilla leh Kong te hi an inhmelma a, an pahnih inbeihna vel hi a thu laimu a ni deuh thin. Mahse, tun tum cu Godzilla leh Kong hi an tangdun ve thung a, an chenna planet tichhe thei tur an bei let dun ta zawk.
Kar kalta box office No.1 ‘Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire’-in dollar maktaduai 15.7 lalutin No.2 a lalut leh a, hetiang ni 10 chhungin US-ah dollar maktaduai 73.5 lalut tawhin, khawvel huapin dollar maktaduai 108.5 a lalut tawh bawk.
Dune II pawh a la kaltluang viau a, a weekend nganaah dollar maktaduai 11.1 a lalut leh a, No.3 a la ni. He film hian US-ah kar nga chhungin dollar maktaduai 252.4 a lalut tawh a, US pawnah dollar maktaduai 373.7 lalut taw bawkin, a vaiin dollar maktaduai 626.1 a lalut tling ta bawk.
Kung Fu Panda 4 pawh a la chetha viau a, weekend vawi li-naa dollar maktaduai 102 lalut lehin No.4 a la ni a, he film pawh hian US-ah kar li chhungin dollar maktaduai 151.7 a lalut tling tawh a, khawvel huapin dollar maktaduai 347.3 a lalut taw bawk.
Box office top 5 khartu chu ‘Immaculate’ niin, dollar maktaduai 3.3 lalut lehin No.5 a ni a, he film hian kar hnih chhungin US-ah dollar maktaduai 11 a lalut ve ta bawk.
Box office top 10:
1 Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire $80,000,000
2 Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire $15,700,000
3 Dune: Part Two $11,100,000
4 Kung Fu Panda 4 $10,200,000
5 Immaculate $3,265,000
6 Tillu Square $2,500,000
7 Arthur the King $2,400,000
8 Late Night with the Devil $2,205,693
9 Crew $1,700,000
10 Imaginary $1,400,000

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