BTS Jimin-a’n solo album tlangzarh dawn

BTS member Jimin chuan a solo album hmasa ber tur hming a puang a ‘FACE’ tih a ni a, March ni 24-ah a tlangzarh dawn ta. He album hi Jimin-a’n solo artist anga a ke pen lehna turah eng nge a an dawn tih lan theihna tur niin an sawi a, pre-order a tih theih tawh bawk.
Jimin hian K-pop singer dang BIG BANG member Taeyang thawhpuiin ‘Vibe’ an tichhuak a, solo artist anga Billboard Hot 100-a an lanna hmasa ber a ni ve ve bawk. Jimin hian a solo hla dang ‘Lie’ leh ‘Serendipity’ TvN drama Our Blues soundtrack ‘With You’ te a lo tichhuak tawh bawk.
BTS member te hian group anga chawlh an lak chhungin solo lamah hma an la sang sang a, J-Hope pawhin album/documentary Jack in the Box a tichhuak tawh a, Suga’n a solo tour hmasa ber a neih tur a puang tawh a, RMN pawhin a debut album ‘Indigo’ a tlangzarh tawh a, Jin pawhin Coldplay thawhpuiin hla thar ‘The Astronaut’ an tichhuak a, Jung Kook pawhin Charlie Puth thawhpuiin ‘Left and Right’ hla a tichhuak a, V pawh reality show ‘In the Soop: Friendcation’-ah a inlan bawk.

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