Budget tharah sum dinhmun tha lo siamthat tumna awm lo – PC president

Budget thar tur pharh takah sum dinmun chhia siamthat tumna hmuh tur a awm lo tih PC president Vanlalruata chuan a sawi.
Thawhlehnia PC party hruaituten Mizoram budget 2023- 2024 an thlirhonaah Vanlalruata chuan state sum dinhmun chhiat chhoh zel laiin, siamthat tumna hmuh tur a awm lo tih sawiin, “Lanmawi tumin budget diklo pharh zel a ni a; sum hmanral thlawn (revenue expenditure) tur hriat lawk sa tam tak budget estimate-ah tarlang loin, hetianga thup then hmang hian sum chuangliam (revenue surplus) nei tur anga intarlan thin a ni. Hetiang budget diklo siam luih hian kan sum dinhmun a tichhe zual zel a, a pawi takzet a ni,” a ti.
SEDP Board ho hman atan Supplementary Demand-ah cheng nuai 358.02 dil belh a ni a, budget thar turah hei hi tarlan a ni chuang lo tih PCV president hian a sawi a. Kan budget hman lai, 2022- 2023 chu a tirah hlawh takngial pawh indaihlo tura duan a nih thu an sawi thin chu tunah a nihna langchhuakin, supplementary demand-ah hlawh atan cheng vbc 215.81 dil belh a ni a; sum dil belh hi a vai chuan cheng vbc 3265.69 niin, a tam tham hle tih a sawi a ni.
‘Hetianga lanmawi tuma budget diklo siam a, tam tham tak tak siamrem (reappropriate) ngai thin hi tihtawp a tul takmeuh,” a ti.

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