By election pathumah 70% vote tla pha lo

Aizawl Municipal huamchhung local council pathuma by election neihah vote zaa 70 tlak tlinna a awm loa, LC inthlanthatna Zemabawk LC-ah ZPM candidate an tling vek.
Member ni lai bang avanga general seat khat an thlan thatna Durtlang Leitanah voter 2989 awmin 1783-in vote an thlak a, vote tla percentage hi 59.65 a ni. MNF sawrkar siamna niin ZPM candidate thlantlin a ni.
Member pakhat boral avanga inthlan that ngai ITI Vengah voter 4595 awmin vote 2656 a tla a, za zelah 57.80 a ni. MNF LC dinna sa niin MNF candidate thlan tlin a ni.
Kum 2020 LC inthlanpuia MNF LC pianna Zemabawk chu sawrkarin a thiat a, a thara inthlan that tir niin, inthlanpui laia seat lak nei lo ZPM chuan seat awm zawng zawng, general seat 5 leh reserved 2 chu a la fai vek a. A vaia voter 7032 awmah vote 4715 a tla a, zaa 67.05 a ni.
By election neihna pathumah hian polling station 15-ah vote 9154 tla in, vote tla hi za zelah 62.63 a ni.

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