CADC-a MNF candidate puang

CADC-a MNF candidate puang
Kumin May 9-a Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC) member inthlanpui neih turah Nilaini khan MNF party chuan Chawngte ah an official candidate tur an puang.
CADC-ah hian a vaiin seat 24 a awm a, MDC bial 20 bakah appointed seat 4 a awm a, MNF hian bial 20-a an candidate tur hi an puang nghal a ni.
Candidate puangtu, MNF National Core Committee member D Thangliana chuan MNF chu political party zinga a tute pawhin an dahsan, boruak nei ber party an nih vangin beisei an tam hle tih a sawi a. Candidate chang lo te pawhin lungawi loha hmang loin, theihtawpin party tan thawk zel turin a sawm tih a sawi a ni.

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