CADC inthlan buaipuitute thukhawm

CADC inthlan buaipuitute thukhawm
Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC) a Member of District Council (MDC) inthlanpui neih turah Nilaini khan Lawngtlai bawrhsap, district election officer David Lalthantluanga hoin thutkhawm a ni a. Inthlan chungchanga hriat tur pawimawh inhrilhfiah niin, inthlan felfai leh muanawm tak a awm theihna’na hmalak dan tur sawi ho a ni.
Thutkhawmah hian election official-te, LADC leh CADC-a executive secretary-te, state sawrkar department hrang hrang official-te, BRTF aiawh leh mobile service provider-te an tel a. CADC inthlanpui neih tura thil pawimawh inhrilhfiah niin, inthlan fel leh muanawm tak a awm theihna’na department leh agency hrang hrang mawhphurhna leh tih tur insem a ni a, hma lak dan tur sawi ho nghal a ni.
CADC MDC inthlanpui hi State Election Commission chuan May 9-a neih turin a ruahman a. May 11-ah vote tlate chhiar a ni ang. Inthlan puan ni – April 17 atang khan CADC huamchhungah model code of conduct pawh hman nghal a ni.
CADC-ah hian MDC constituency 20 awmin, polling station 70 a awm a. Vote nei mipa 18208 leh hmeichhia 17677, an vaiin mi 35885 an awm.

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