CADC result-ah MNF lawm

CADC result-ah MNF lawm
Harsatna leh buaina liantham awm zui loa Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC) inthlan result puan a ni ta leh, an party-in seat an lak tam ber avangin NNF party chuan lawmthu an sawi.
MNF Gen. Hqrs. thuchhuak chuan, harsatna leh buaina liantham awm loin puan zawh a ni, tiin, ‘He inthlan tluang taka neih a nih theihna tura buaipuitu official-te chungah lawmthu kan sawi a ni,’ a ti. CADC bial 20 awma bial 19-a MNF-in bial 10 a lak theihna tura vote-tu leh thawktute chungah lawmthu an sawi tih a sawi.
‘MNF candidate-te tlin theihna tura theihtawp chhuaha beitu zawng zawng chungah MNF chuan lawmthu kan sawi a. He inthlan result hian Pu Zoramthanga kaihhruai Mizoram sawrkar rintlakzia lantirna leh kumin kum tawp MLA inthlanpuia MNF a sorkar leh ngeina tur a hril ni ah MNF chuan kan ngai,’ thuchhuah chuan a ti.

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