Candidate tling loin bialah lawmthu sawi

MLA inthlanpui neih zawh taka Serlui biala BJP official candidate Robinson Hmar chuan December 5 & 6 khan he bial chhung hi tlawhchhuak lehin Krismas thilpek hlanin leh lawmthu a sawi a ni.
Serlui bialin an bial hmasawnna atana hma la tur mi tha tak an thlang a, bial chhung hmasawnna tha tak a thlen ngei theih nan theihtawp chhuaha hma la turin duhsakna a hlan tih a sawi a. Chutihrualin Serlui bial hmasawnna atan theihtawp chhuaha hma lak zel a tum a, development tak tak Mizo mipuiin kan mamawh chu BJP atang chauha thlen theih a nih vangin BJP hlutna kan la hre ngei ngei dawn, tiin a sawi bawk.

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