Children’s Science Congress-ah tel

Rampum huap science inkhawmpui – National Children’s Science Congress vawi 30-na, January 27-31 chhunga neih tur chu Science City, Ahmedabad Gujarat ah Zirtawpni khan tan a ni.

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A tan ni ah hian Science Congress-a tel zirlai naupangten mahni hnam thuam theuh inbelin ‘Science Kawngzawh’ an nei a, chawhnu lamah child scientist-ten an thil zirbing ‘project presentation’ an nei nghal. Science Teacher’s Association Mizoram (STAM) tirhin Mizoram atangin child scientist 8 an tel. Child scientist-te hi MISTIC state coordinator & scientific officer Joel Lalbiakkima bakah zirtirtu pali-in an hruai a ni.

Science kawngzawhah Mizoram aiawha kalte hi Mizo hnam thuam an inbel a, January 29 zan hian cultural program-ah Mizo hnam lam an entir ang.

January 26 Republic Day khan Gujarat-a Indian Institute of Technology, Gandhi Nagar (IITGN) chu he institute-a assistant professor Dr Krista Roluahpuia ruahman puina in an tlawh a ni.

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