Church Council ruangam duang

Church Council ruangam duang
Mizorama kohhran pawl hrang hrangten an din Council of Churches ruangam duanfel a ni.
Thawhlehni khan BCM Hqrs. office Lungleiah ‘Council of Churches in Mizoram’ ruangam tur duangtu Drafting Committee an thukhawm a, lungrual takin Church Council ruangam (structure) an duangfel. An ruahmanna hi May 19 khian kohhran hrang hrang aiawh thukhawmin a thlir leh anga, Salvation Army Hqrs Aizawlah an thukhawm ang.
Ruahmanna hi Joint Committee-in a pawm fel hunah mahni kohhran theuh rorelna sang berah an thlen leh dawn a ni.
2023 January 24 khan kohhran pawl hrang hrang aiawha hruaitu kalkhawm chuan ‘Council of Churches in Mizoram’ din an rel a. Drafting Committee dinin hma lak chhoh mek a ni. Council of Churches din tura inthurual hi kohhran panga – Presbyterian Kohhran, Baptist Kohhran, ECM, LIKBK leh Salvation Army an ni.

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