Dampa Tiger Reserve sum dawn tur centre sawipui

Dampa Tiger Reserve sum
dawn tur centre sawipui
New Delhi-a cham mek Environment, Forest & Climate Change minister TJ Lalnuntluanga chuan Zirtawpni khan Ministry of Environment, Forest & CC director general & special secretary CP Goyal a hmu a, Dampa Tiger Reserve sum dawn tlai avanga thawktuten harsatna an tawh meka hmalak dan tur a sawipui.
Dampa Tiger Reserve-a hnathawkten hlawh an lak theih loh avanga harsatna nasa tak an tawh tawh thu leh a ranglama thawktute hlawh pek chhuah a ngaih thu TJ Lalnuntluanga hian a hrilh a. DG of Forests hian finance system thar chungchanga buaina an tawh thu leh Mizoram leh Maharastra state bikah mutan an la neih thu lo hrilhin, hemi buaipui tur hian forest officer-ten National Tiger Conservation Authority kaltlanga hma an lo lakpui tur thu a hrilh. Sawrkar kum kal lai tawp hma ngeiin sum tangte pek chhuah a nih theihna’n hma an lo lakpui tur thu a sawi bawk.

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