Darzo YMA-in BRTF kawnglaite thawmhnaw pe

Sangau Road, Darzo leh S. Vanlaiphai inkar, Darzo khua a?anga km 2 vela kawng siam, BRTF hnathawkte hnenah Darzo Branch YMA chuan Inrinni khan thawmhnaw chi hrang hrang an pe.
Thudawnnain a sawi danin BRTF kawnglaite riahna hmun hi a vawt a, mutbu leh thawmhnaw lum an nei ?ha tawk lo a. Darzo Branch YMA chuan an tan hian thawmhnaw pe thei te hnenah an neih ang ang pe turin khawchhung mipui te an sawm a. Thawmhnaw chi hrang hrangte hi Pickup phur khat a tling a, hnathawk ho hian lawm takin mittui nen an lo dawng niin thudawnna chuan a sawi.
. Darzo khua hi in 300 chuang hret an ni a. Branch YMA pahnih Darzo Branch leh Vengthar Branch awn awm a ni.

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