eam Giannis an chak

Basketball a game ngaihhlut tak mai All Star Games 2023 chu keini huna Pathianni zing khan khelh a ni a. Inkhel hmuhnawm takah Team Giannis chuan point 184-175 in Team LeBron an hneh. He inkhel hmuhnawm takah hian point 55 zet thawkchhuak Jayson Tatum chuan All Star Game-a point thawkchhuak hnem ber record thar a siam.
All Star Game 2023-ah team hnihten hmuhnawm takin bul an tan a, quarter khatna atangin an innhnehtawk nghal hle. Quarter khatnah hian Team LeBron leh Team Giannis ten point 46 ve ve an thawkchhuak a, chungnung zawk an awm thei lo phawt.
Quarter khatnaah chungnung zawk an awm theih loh hnuin quarter hnihnaah team LeBron in ngai an awh a, point 46 bawk an thawhchhuah laiin team Giannis in hma an sawn ve thung a, point 53 an thawkchhuak. Quarter hnihnaa che tha team Giannis hian point 7 a hmahruai chungin chawlhlawk an hmang.
Chawlhlawk hnu lamah team Giannis an khel tha chhunzawm a, an khel pawh a hmuhnawm zui viau. Quarter thumnaah team Giannis hian point 59 zet an thawkchhuak a, an khingpui team LeBron in point 49 chiah an thawkchhuak ve thung a, point 10 bawkin team Giannis an chungnung zui leh.
Point 17 zeta hmahruai fal tawh chungin team Giannis in quarter hnuhnung ber an hmachhawn a, chak turin an dinhmun a tha tawh hle. Quarter hnuhnung berah hian team LeBron in an khel tha hret a, point 34 thawkchhuak in, point 8 in an chungnung zawk. Quarter hnuhnung berah point 8 a sang zawkin, an khingpuite nen an inkar tizim hret mah se point kua in tlawm zawkah an tang ta tho a. Inkhel ngaihven hlawh takah team Ginnias chuan team LeBron lakah hnehna chhinchhiahtlak an chang zui ta a ni.
All Star Game 2023-ah Team LeBron an hneh tumin team Giannis tana khel tha tak Jayson Tatum chuan point 55 zet a thawkchhuak a, All Star Game-a point thawkchhuak hnem ber record thar a siam. All Star Game-a point thawkchhuak hnem ber ni thin chu Anthony Davis niin kum 2017 khan All Star Game ah point 41 a thawkchhuak. Davis record hi Tatum hian point 14 zetin a rawn khum ta hial. All Star Game record thar siamtu Tatum hi MVP ah thlan a ni zui bawk.
Team LeBron captain LeBron James chu a kut zungte hliam vangi second half-ah a inlan thei lo. NBA a point thawkchhuak hnem ber LeBron James hi All Star-ah vawi 19 zet thlan a ni tawh a, point thawhchhuah tam lama a khum tak Kareem Abdul-Jabbar a record nih rual in,an pahnih hian All Star-a tel ngun ber record an siam. Team LeBron tan hian Celtics player pawimawh Jaylen Brown chu point thawkchhuak hnem ber niin point 35 a thawkchhuak a, ani hian ball sawhlet vawi 14 zet a dawng bawk tling bawk.

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