EF&CC minister-in mamawh thlen

Mizoram hmasawnna hrang hrang leh a department chan kaltlanga hmalakna buaipuia New Delhi a cham mek TJ Lalnuntluanga chuan Ningani khan sawrkar laipui Environment, Forest & Climate Change minister Bhupender Yadav chu a pisa-ah hmu in department hmasawnna a sawipui.
Minister TJ Lalnuntluanga chuan Ministry of Environment, Forest & CC kaltlanga Mizorama hmasawnna hnathawh tur a sawipui a. School Nursery Yojona hnuaia school 77-a kalpui tura dilna thlen chungchangte, khawpui (town) 14-a Nagar Van Yojona kalpui tura dilnate, district zawng zawnga Greeen India Mission (GIM) kalpui tura ngenna thlente, Champhai khawpuia Protection Squad leh Satellite Rescue Center din chungchanga a dilna leh Bethlehem Vengthlanga Forest Research Center for Bamboo & Rattan (FRCBR) hmunhma tihchangtlunna tura thu thlen te chu a lo hmuh tawh thu sawiin, a theih anga hma an lo lak nghal tur thu leh a hlawhtlin theihna atan theihtawp chhuah an inhuam thu a lo hrilh. Sawrkar kum thara kalpui theih tura ruahmanna siam an tum thu a lo hrilh bawk.
EF&CC minister hi principal chief conservator of forest RK Singh chuan a tawiawm a ni.

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