Eiruk thubuaia thiam loh changte jail tan leh sum chawi turin hrem

Special Court (Prevention of Corruption Act) in sawrkar sum eiruk thubuaia thiam loh a chantir tawh National Rural Health Mission mission director hlui leh Directorate of Health Services executive engineer Lalsangliana Chhakchhuak te chu jail tang tur leh sumfai chawi turin a hrem.
May 12 khan Special Court judge Dr HTC Lalrinchhana chuan heng mi pahnihte hi puh an nihnaah hian CBI-in a chhuinaah finfiahna tha tawk awma hria in thiam loh a lo chantir tawh a, May 15-a hremna a tihchhuah hma chu jail-a awm turin a ti nghal a ni.
Thawhtanni khan hremna hi a tichhuak a. Dr N Palai hi thubuai pathuma thiam loh chantir a nihnaah kum 4 theuh lung in tang tur leh cheng nuai 8 theuh chawi tura tih a ni a. Amah hi kum upa lam tawh, sawrkar hna atanga pension tawh anih avanga hetiang thila inhnamhnawih zui tawh lo tur a nih avangin jail-a a tan hun tur hi chu case pathum ami hi hlawm khata lakhawmin kum 4 chhung lung in a tang anga, a sum chawi tur erawh, case pathuma a chawi tur hi belhkhawmin cheng nuai 24 chawi tura tih a ni. A sum chawi tur hi a pe thei lo a nih chuan case pathumah hian kum 4 theuh, a vaia belhkhawmin kum 12 tan belh turin court hian a ti a ni.
Eiruknaa a inhnamhnawihnaa sum tichingpen tlem zawk leh a inhnamhnawih dan thuk lo zawk engineer Lalsangliana Chhakchhuak hi pawh hi thubuai pathumah tho thiam loh chantir a ni a, thubuai pakhatah hian kum khat zel leh cheng nuai hnih zel chawi turin court hian a hrem a. A hma lamin hetiang thila inhnamhnawihna man leh hrem ala nih loh bakah a kum ngaihtuahin a service chhunga ti nawn leh tura ngaih a nih tawh loh avangin, a tan hun chhung tur kum 3 hi case pakhat anga lakhawmin kum 1 a tang anga, a sum chawi tur erawh case pathum ami hi belhkhawmin nuai 6 chawi tura tih a ni. Sum hi a pe thei lo a nih chuan case pakhatah hian kum khat zel, a vaiin kum 3 a tan belh dawn a ni.
Sawrkar laipui Ministry of Health & Family Welfare hnuaia National Rural Health Mission-III Division-in kum 2007-a Civil Hospital Aizawl tih changtlunna tur sum, vaibelchhe 10 Mizoram State Health Society a pek tih chingpenna thubuai a ni a. He thila sum chingpen chhut chhuah tak hi a vaiin Rs. 29,48,819 a ni a, engineer Lalsangliana hi chu sum tihchingpennaah hian a inrawlh vek lo tih finfiah a ni.

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