Electric tower sawn dan tur rel

Electric tower sawn dan tur rel
Electric tower No.45(A) sawn chungchanga Social Impact Assessment (SIA) exemption chungchang chu Nilaini khan Land Revenue & Settlement minister Lalruatkima kaihhruaiin sawi ho a ni.
Thutkhawmah hian Seling- Champhai electric tower sawn tur ngaituah ho niin, Power & Electricity department chuan a hmanhmawhthlak tawh thu sawiin, SIA exempt tura competent authority-ah phalna dil nise, an ti a. Tower chu sawn thuai a nih loh chuan tower-in a chawm khuate an thim reng dawn a, danin a phal angin mipui vantlang thatna tur chuan compulsory acquisition kalpui theih a ni a, a rang lama hma lak a tul avangin bawhzui thuai nise, an ti.
SIA chu electric tower sawn avanga kawng hrang hranga mipui a nghawng theih dan leh mipuiin an hlawkpui theih dan tur zirchianna a ni a. Mipui vantlang hamthatna tur leh a thalo zawnga nghawng awm lo turah chuan exempt theih a ni.

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