Forest guard / forester inzir zo

Forest guard / forester inzir zo
Forest Training School Bethlehem Vengthlang Aizawl chuan forest guard leh forester thla ruk training an zawh denchhenin Nilaini khan Convocation vawi 23-na an hmang a, PCCF RK Singh chuan a hmanpui.
Autonomous District Council pathum – CADC, MADC leh LADC atangin mi 10 theuh leh Tlabung Forest Division atangin mi pakhatin training tha taka zoin, certificate hlan nghal an ni a. An vaiin pass chhuakte hi forest guard 18 leh forester 13 an ni.
Forest Training School hi 1974 November khan din a ni a, forester leh forest guard te training pek thin niin, a din tirh atangin forester mi 305 leh forest guard mi 643 train chhuah tawh an ni. Mizorama Forest Training Institution awmchhun niin, Directorate of Forest Education nen tangdunin officer thawk mekte tan refresher training course leh online training te pawh buatsaih thin a ni.

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