Forest officer-ten wildlife kaihhnawih zir

Forest officer-ten wildlife kaihhnawih zir
Wildlife Institute of India leh Mizoram Environment, Forests & Climate Change department tangdun buatsaih Workshop on Illegal Wildlife Trade, Wildlife Forensic leh Handling of Confiscated Wildlife tih chu March 20 & 21 khan Aizawlah neih a ni.
Principal chief conservator of forest RK Singh chuan tunhnaiah dan kalha nungcha hmanga sumdawnnain Mizoram a tih buai ve tak fo thu leh Wildlife Institute mithiamten Mizoram Forest officer-te hetiang hun an rawn hmanpui thei chu lawmawm a tih thu a sawi.
Workshop hmanpuitu mithiamte hi – Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun scientist D Dr Lallianpuii Kawlni leh forensic expert Dr CP Sharma te an ni a, Lawngtlai DCF C Lalrinmuana leh DFO (Rtd) Lalnunngila ten Mizoram Forest officer mi 30 chuang chu thupui thlan bik pasarih an zirpui bakah wildlife crime chungchangah a theih ang angin a lem nen enpuiin, an zirtirna a ni.

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