Fury lakah Jake Paul chak lo

Pathianni zan boxing a luhchilh hnua tlawm la nei lo Jake Paul chuan hneh loh a tawng ve ta nge nge a. Palian champion Tyson Fury-a nau Tommy Fury lakah split decision in a chak lo.
Inhnek hmuhnawm takah hian palian champion Tyson Fury-a nau Tommy Fury a che tha a, tlawm nei lova kal tluang mek Jake Paul lakah phuin a inlan. Fury hian round khatna atanga round sarihna tawp thlengin a khingpui a hnek fuh hnem zawk a, chiang takin a chak ngei tura ngaih a ni. Round sarihna tawp thlenga che tha zawk ni mah se Fury hi round riatnaah Jake Paul hnek na tak vangin a tlu zauh thung. Tlu bawk mah se a tlu rei lova, a tho thuai thung. A tluk zeuh vang hian unanimous decision in a chak zo lo. Inhnek endiktu pahnihte chuan chuan Tommy Fury hi point 76-73 in an chaktir ve ve a. Endiktu pakhat chuan point 75-74 in Jake Paul a chak tir ve thung.
Youtuber lar Jake Paul hian kum 2018 atang khan boxing a luhchilh tan a, inhnek vawi sarih hmachhawn tawhin vawi ruk a chak a, a vawi khat nan Tommy Fury lakah a tlawm. A hneh tawh paruk zinga pali lai hi knock-out in a hneh nghe nghe. Tommy Paul hneh a, World champion nih theih a beiseina chu a thlawn ta rih phawt a. Hma lam pan a, hnehna chang let turin a buatsaih zui ngei ang.

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