Govt. AWC-ah thalaite pan theih hmun – Alora hawng

Govt. Aizawl West College-a Alora (Centre for Well-Being) chu Thawhtanni khan Centre for Disease Control, Washington USA
country director (India) Dr Melissa Nyendak chuan a hawng.
Alora hi SHALOM leh Govt. AWC te thawhdunna thuthlung ziah rah niin, SHALOM bultum a ni a. Alora (Centre for Well Being) hi thlalai ruihhlo vanga buai leh rilru lama harsatna neite tan pan theih a ni a, counseller pakhatin thutchilhin HIV laka inringhlel an awm a nih chuan a thlawnin an test sak thei bawk.
He hun hi Govt Aizawl West College principal Prof C Lalthlengliana’n kaihruaiin, he College-a Department of Psychology zirtirtute leh zirlaite, Alora peer volunteer-te, SHALOM thawktute leh PATH Mizoram official-ten an hmanpui a. Dr Melissa Nyendak hi CDC leh an thawhpui dangten an tawiawm a ni.
Alora bika SHALOM kaltlanga fund-tute hi PEPFAR (US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief) hnuaia Project Sunshine PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology in Health) a ni a. CDC hian PEPFAR hi a enkawl a ni.

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