Grape, tomato leh dragonfruit pung nasa

Horticulture department-in an chhinchhiah danin, kum liam taah khan Mizoram thlai thar a pung viau a, grape, tomato leh dragonfruit phei chu a pung nasa hle.

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Budget Session-ah horticulture changtu, chief minister Zoramthanga’n Aizawl South II bialtu Lalchhuanthanga zawhna chhangin grape hi 76.24%-in a pung a, tomato leh dragonfruit pawh 60% ve vein a pung tih a sawi.
Mizoram pumah kum 2022 chhungin kan thlai thar a pung em tia zawhna, ziaka chhan chi chhangin chief minister chuan “Mizoram pumah kum 2022 chhungin kan thlai thar a pung,” a ti.

Horticulture thlai pawimawh zual, chi hrang 15 pun dan a sawi a, grape, tomato leh dragonfruit tih lohvah zikhlum a pung nasa a, 50%-in a pung.

Lakhuihthei pawh 45%-in a pung a, thingfanghma pawh 28%-in a pung. Balhla pawh 20%-in a pung a, Zochilli 20%-in a pung. Sapthei punna pawh 20% a ni.

Sawhthing punna pawh 20% a tling a, pung rau rauvah Mizoram tharchhuah lar serthlum a pung viau lo; 10%-in a pung. Serthlum aiin mai a pung hret; mai hi 12%-in a pung.

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